11 steps to a perfect diet!


Food is by far the most powerful intervention you can make to alter your state of health. This is something I see time and again in clinic. These are 11 core elements that I get all of my clients to follow as they pursue good health and well-being.  The beauty of following my 11 core diet principles is that you can be achieve and maintain good health no matter what diet you choose to follow, whether you choose a vegan diet or meat based diet.

 1. Follow a low glycaemic diet. This is a diet rich in complex carbohydrates and low in processed, refined sugars and grains.

 2. Get your fatty acid composition right. A diet rich in anti inflammatory fats like fish, seeds, nuts and healthy oils rather than Meats and Trans saturated fats.

 3. Eat a diet rich in phytonutrients. You can do this by eating a diet rich in colour variety.

 4. Healthy proteins. Lean meats and high in vegetable proteins rather than over reliance on Meat.

 5. A micronutrient rich diet. To supply all the minerals and vitamins you need to achieve real health.

 6. Low Allergy diet. Identify and eliminate the foods that you have intolerance to as these feed inflammation.

 7. Organic wherever possible. Foods and meats are heavily treated with drugs, antibiotics and sometimes hormone treatments.

 8. Get you PH right. Eat an alkaline diet. Acidity in the body can be a strong driver in the disease process.

 9. Potassium-Sodium Ratio. Make sure the diet is much higher in potassium than sodium.

 10. Fibre rich diet. High fibre diets help balance blood sugar, cravings and eliminate toxins.

 11. AVOID Trans Fatty acids.

If you would like more information on how to eat a healthy diet or if you would like to return to good health through nutritional therapy then contact us and we can book you in to see Paul Foley, Nutritionist. Paul has been a Nutritionist and complementary medicine practitioner for many years.


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