Abergavenny Cycling


We’re getting really excited about the National Road Race Championship  in Abergavenny. Especially as we will have ideal view of the Road Race final laps from our Therapy Rooms!

All the Sportsmen and women involved in the Races will be elite riders and a consequence of having great physical form is having great healing abilities. Even a broken collar bone only puts a rider out of racing for a few weeks! However Alternative Medicine can be a great way to get back to form both for us mere mortals or the ‘Wiggos’ among us. So what is useful to aid recovery after a fall or crash?

Shock, bruising and Injury

Our first port of call would be with Homeopathy. Most people think of Arnica in this situation. Arnica helps with injury, bruising and will treat the shock from the fall. Very often people who need Arnica will say that they are fine and that there is nothing wrong with them when there obviously is! If the rider is fearful and shaking Aconite will be better at treating the shock. Obviously if there are broken bones conventional treatment will be needed, After the hospital visit other Homeopathic remedies could be given such as Bellis Perenis for deep bruising and Symphytum (bone knit).

Another root to healing is Acupuncture. As well as being good for long term conditions Acupuncture is also good for pain relief and well draw the heat away from the inflammation. If you would like to try Acupuncture for pain relief then how about coming to the AAA (Abergavenny Affordable Acupuncture) Clinic on a Tuesday with Maxine Smillie.

 Weight of the World

Falling off your bike or being involved in a crash doesn’t just hurt physically you can also feel emotionally ‘sore’.  Feelings of guilt, anger and the frustration of not being able to train for a few weeks all add to a gloomy state. Now would be a good time to talk to someone about these feelings. Talking can release tension, resolve issues and help you move forward with your life. We have excellent Counsellors and Psychotherapists at ANTC who will help you with your emotional health:

 Bones healing well but body still needs work

When you have a bad injury the rest of your body has to compensate and do what the injured part cannot. This causes deferred pain, discomfort and mis-alignment. Here at the Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre we have the people that will get you back to full movement and comfort. Sports Massage or Tui Na Massage will release the tightness in the muscles allowing the body to function better, circulation to improve and mobility to increase. If your body is mis-aligned then McTimoney Chiropractic will hold the answer. Chiropractic treatment is simply a method of adjusting the bones of your body to improve skeletal alignment. In doing so, it helps your nervous system work more efficiently, relieves pain and discomfort and gets you moving again! Massage and McTimoney are great to have during training. They will aid blood circulation removing waste products from tired muscles & will stretch out muscles that have become tight from repeated use.

 Back to Form!

So our Champ is all better. But has this incident dented the winning mentality? We hope not, but if it has then they should try some Integrative Hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can help you achieve more positive life affirming alternatives to unsatisfactory or negative ways of thinking, feeling of behaving: building self-esteem and confidence.

 Becoming a Winner!

So our rider is all back to form now. Here at the Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre we can offer all sorts of treatment for all sorts of people. If you’re not sure which treatment you need give us a ring and we can sort something out for you. Our friendly receptionist is always at hand for advice.