About Jan Davidson

Head and shoulders shot

It’s been incredibly exciting to transition into work that allows me to live my passion. However, before this journey began I suffered from a debilitating hormonal condition. I often found my life was limited by this painful condition and had lost faith in the allopathic approach as often doctors disagreed about my condition or became unsympathetic when I turned down hormone therapies which often had nasty side effects.

By my late thirties I had started to learn as much as I could about nutrition. I enrolled with CNM and did a year of Bio Medicine before embarking in my full diploma in Nutritional Therapy and Naturopathy with the Nutritional Healing Foundation. I had enthusiastic and compassionate tutors who encouraged me to practice what I was taught. The improvements to my health were remarkable. I felt empowered and I regained my vitality.  I started to help my friends and family who encouraged me to leave my full-time work as a head of department in a busy secondary school and set up a business so I could help others. I then discovered Kinesiology and became addicted! Kinesiology is a magical tool which allows the therapist to find out information about the body through simple non-invasive muscle testing.

My journey to learn is continuous and I attend courses to acquire new skills and knowledge. I can share my wealth of knowledge help you to optimise your health, live free from disease and regain your vitality.

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