Affordable Acupuncture


What is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is the placing of very fine needles at particular points on the body, with the intention of improving the health of the patient.

Traditional Acupuncture is based on the idea that life-energy or chi runs all through the body. When chi runs strongly and smoothly, you feel energetic, enthusiastic and able to cope with life’s challenges. When chi becomes blocked, you may experience fatigue, pain, low mood and a lack of resilience. Chi can become blocked by injury, stress, overwork, poor diet, lack of exercise and all manner of normal, day-to-day events.

How can Acupuncture be made more affordable?

To enable the Practitioner to offer affordable treatment more than one patient is seen at any one time. The first consultation is taken as normal and lasts one hour with the Practitioner taking your case and giving treatment. For follow up appointments treatment lasts approx. 30 minutes and more than one patient will be seen at a time. Treatment is given in completely separate rooms.

Who is this for?

AAA is for people on low income, e.g state pension, sickness benefit, universal credit and for people who access foodbank.  To apply, please contact Maxine Smillie.

Which day is the Abergavenny Affordable Acupuncture Clinic?

The AAA clinic is only on a Tuesday. 10am – 3pm. Appointments made on other days will be charged the standard rate.

Treatment is with Maxine Smillie. More info here.