Amatsu Therapy

“Amatsu is physical therapy that restores balance (biotensegrity) to the body using natural body movement (taijutsu) to correct anatomical dysfunction.”

Amatsu has developed by using diagnostics tools from a wide range of disciplines including muscle testing and orthopaedic testing to understand and explain the body’s natural principles.  During a treatment the therapist will assess specific problems and the most effective way to restore balance back to the whole body. 

This is possible because of the application of Taijustu, which is one of the things that makes Amatsu unique.  Taijutsu or natural body movement (as it translates from Japanese) is used by the practitioner to induce movement in the client which then facilitates a deeper level of integrated, whole body correction.

Amatsu uses a range of bodywork techniques. These are mobilisation of joints and limbs, some massage including soft tissue work, structural adjustment, balance to the organ system and cranial work in order to release the inherent wellness that becomes subdued with dis-ease.  It looks at the interaction of five factors for health referred to as Godai (Go being the Japanese for five).  These five factors: Structure, Nutrition, Energy, Emotion and Environment are interdependent and can cause illness in any of the other areas.

Therefore it is not just a physical injury that can cause problems to the body. All too often life’s stresses mean that our bodies have to adapt and cope with tensions and strains, leading to poor posture, sluggish digestive systems, aching shoulders and necks. Amatsu can help to relieve these strains.

Amatsu treatments are gentle and non-invasive and are suitable for people of any age, from the very young to the very old and for those with limited mobility.

How long is a treatment?

First treatments normally last up to 70 minutes to allow time to complete relevant medical forms and discuss your medical history. Subsequent treatments last about 45 minutes.

Is massage available?

Yes, oil massage is also available if needed.

What should I wear?

Amatsu is a fully clothed therapy. You should wear loose comfortable clothing (Jogging pants and T-shirt or similar). Please do not wear jeans or heavy or tight fitting clothing that restrict body movement. Please make sure you wear or bring a pair of clean socks as your feet are an import part of your treatment.

How will I be after a treatment?

After a treatment your body will need time to adjust and rectify itself. To get the best result from your treatment, try to avoid heading straight back into a busy and stressful schedule. Some will feel so refreshed and relaxed afterwards they need to sleep. You may experience some muscle soreness. This may change after each treatment and depend on the individual problem. Drink plenty of water after a treatment.

Is there a changing room?

There isn’t a changing room, however clients can change in the treatment room in privacy.


Cancellation Policy

Appointments may be cancelled up to 24 hours before the scheduled appointment time without charge. Cancellations within the 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

To book please give Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre a ring on 01873 858391 or contact us through the website.

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Physical Therapist

Amatsu Practitioner Level 1 MBRCP AMATI(UK)

Amatsu Level 2 Trainee ATS(UK)