Anxiety Management

Anxiety, plays an important role in our personal development and growth. It is a valuable messenger, communicating to us that it’s time to let go of old emotional coping mechanisms, which have outlived their purpose.

Like all feelings or emotions, anxiety is not fixed, it will move, when given it the space to do so. To support you with doing this, I use a combined approach of relaxation and breathing techniques, counselling skills and self-awareness coaching. Simply by making the choice to feel better, you are already moving forward.

We offer a complementary initial consultation

I hour sessions £50


Client testimonial for anxiety and stress release sessions:  I first started seeing Louise in January 2017 she helped me greatly to move through the grieving process and a family funeral in the first weeks. Her approach to my anxiety was soothing and reassuring after the grieving process and her wise counselling applied techniques and therapies were re assuring and easy to embrace. With time and patience, she gradually helped me to get off tranquilisers then sleeping tablets with no adverse effects. Just soothing relaxation and breathing therapies, which enabled me to rebuild my life over the following months. Without Louise things may have been far different. The inside of a secure unit was not a place for recovery for me, but empathetic counselling and reassuring techniques have made such a difference to my life

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