‘Breathe’ with Louise Price



Whether it’s global issues, such as Brexit, or personal issues relating to relationships, health, career or money – even when a life change is intentional – we often experience a period of uncertainty. Especially during the transitional period, when we are moving out of the old and into the new. This can create feelings of fear and insecurity, which can sometimes hold us back from moving forward.

‘Breathe’ is a programme of 2 sessions, which will help to change your perspective and give you the resources to:

  • Feel in control of your emotions
  • Learn how to effectively self-soothe
  • Become more comfortable with uncertainty
  • Experience less tension and more ease
  • Be more confident about moving forward

Wednesday 16th and 23rd October  –  7pm – 8.30pm                                                 

Venue: Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre, 12 Cross Street. NP7 5EH

Fee – £60

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Louise Price, hypnotherapist and wellbeing practitioner combines her many years of professional experience, with self-help tools developed through her own life experience. Click here for more information about Louise.

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