Babys feetHaving a baby is an exciting and positive life changing experience, but it can also create mixed emotions.  A woman’s body is naturally designed to give birth, but sometimes fear and anxiety about labour and giving birth can get in the way of this.  

Using deep breathing, and relaxation techniques, self-hypnosis and visualization, hypnobirthing allows your body to work at its own pace. These practises prepare you for a more relaxed and natural birthing experience.

Learning to relax and listen to your body, gives you the confidence to trust your intuition and natural ability to birth your baby.  This makes it easier for you to feel more in control and work with the flow of your body, throughout labour and childbirth.


  • Reduces labour and birthing time
  • Mums feel more relaxed and energised after giving birth
  • Can reduce post-natal recovery time
  • Babies are reported to be calmer, more content, feed better and sleep better.
  • Dads are more actively involved with the birth
  • Lower incidences of surgical interventions
  • Less risk of birth related pelvic floor injuries
  • Techniques learned can be useful for future situations


Client testimonial for hypnobirthing:

I can’t thank you enough, it made the birthing experience so much better than I imagined


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