Mindfulness for Stress Reduction



“Mindfulness by itself doesn’t seem like it’s enough” is a comment I’ve often heard. And as a mindfulness teacher, I agree entirely.

Mindfulness is a very useful skill to develop and has many applications, but it’s not intended to be used in isolation. Yes, we do need to look at it in isolation in order to learn it. But when it comes to applying mindfulness, we see that it works in conjunction with making wise choices, speaking in ways that lead to harmony, and generally acting with integrity in terms of one’s occupation and other everyday actions. This understanding of mindfulness goes back over 2500 years, to the Buddhist roots of the modern mindfulness movement.

The Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course is a great way to become familiar with what mindfulness is and to establish your own regular practice. (There’s a course at ANTC starting 26 Feb – the registration deadline is 14 Feb). Developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, MBSR has a robust evidence base and is known for positive effects like lowered blood pressure, increased ability to manage pain, and feeling more empowered to make positive choices.

The MBSR course serves as a springboard to other Mindfulness+ offerings. Once you’ve established your understanding and practice of mindfulness in the MBSR course, you can join follow-on courses in Mindfulness+ Climate Change & Action, or Mindfulness+ Communication. These are practical courses designed to put mindfulness to good use in the everyday world, helping us see things more clearly and make wiser choices. As one participant put it:

We didn’t just hear ideas – we ‘tried them on’; wonderful, caring, enthusiastic and intelligent delivery; great, clear pack to take home.


Ready to make some changes? Curious about new perspectives? You’re warmly invited to join a mindfulness course at ANTC.

Claralynn Nunamaker of Mindfulness+ is a MindfulnessUK-trained teacher completing supervised courses in MBSR towards listing with the British Association of Mindfulness-Based Approaches. For more information, contact us

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