Boosting Fertility with Acupuncture.



Here at Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre our Acupuncturist, Maxine Smillie is a one of the founding members of the Zita West network for Reproductive Health as an Affiliated Acupuncturist.The Zita West organisation is the UK’s No 1 for preconception, planning, natural fertility, IVF, pregnancy and post-natal support. Built on the ground breaking work of midwife, fertility and pregnancy expert Zita West and her renowned London clinic, the network aims to share the unique skills and experience of Zita and her team with experienced independent acupuncturists across the UK and Eire. Maxine is one of only 140 affiliated acupuncturists.

“The origins of the practice of acupuncture can be traced back more than 30 centuries ago to the heart of ancient China. The first practitioners were highly skilled at making accurate diagnoses through detailed observation of their patients. Based on the belief that the body can be mapped with energy channels called meridians, associated with the various body systems in which energy, or qi (chi) flows, they suggested that obstructions to the flow of energy along these channels could result in physical, mental and emotional imbalance, which eventually led to disease. By stimulating the acupuncture points the free flow of energy could be restored, allowing the body to re-establish its natural balance. This approach remains central to the practice of acupuncture today.” (Excerpt from the Zita West website)

As part of the network, Maxine receives ongoing training and support in Zita West’s comprehensive holistic approach to achieving optimum reproductive health. This covers a range of treatments for women and men to help boost fertility, enhance IVF, IUI, improve pregnancy, enhance birth outcomes and support post natal recovery.


“Acupuncture is a beautiful medicine which treats the whole person, supporting us to come into balance and harmony. The stress of infertility can be eased by this safe and supportive practice. Acupuncture can support natural conception and help when undertaking the various assisted Fertility treatments such as IVF.”

There are many research studies that suggest acupuncture may help in various areas relating to fertility and conception, including in relation to supporting IVF. Research suggests the effect of treatment maybe cumulative so we recommend commencing the week before you begin your cycle, if not before.

Maxine has supported many people in their quest to become a parent. To date there are over 200 baby photo’s on the baby welcome board in the clinic.

Maxine has clinics in Abergavenny, Cardiff and the Wye valley.

For further information or an initial 10 minute free consult and to book an appointment, contact Maxine Smillie at Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre 01873 858391 or contact us through here

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