What is nutrition?

Nutrition is a non-drug medical model that uses diet and lifestyle as the primary tools to manage chronic disease and promote health and wellbeing.



How does it work?

Initially you meet with your practitioner face to face for a 1hr 30min consultation and go through a detailed analysis of the health concerns that you would like support with. You will get a personalised diet, recipes, handouts and shopping support advice. A report is sent to you the following day and will include supplements that would be most suitable to take and highlight which lab tests to be carried our if required. Tests for allergies and intolerance as well as other imbalances such as gut health, hormonal imbalance, cardiovascular health and energy metabolism can be arranged.  You will then be given expert nutritional advice personalised to your results. 


Follow up?

It takes months to fully change a life time of eating habits, regular 1 hour meetings are put in place to streamline your diet until your are eating in a way that will support your good health. Supplements are often key to unlocking long term health issues will change according to what stage of your health journey you are at. IE; liver support would not typically follow until the second or third month.



Your practitioner will make arrangements to ensure the support you require is provided either via phone or email should you require any contact between visits.


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