This is probably the reason why your shoulders are tense!

We are the generation of mass modern technology and it has a massive amount of benefits. It is something that is here to stay and as with all things it is how we re-balance what we are expecting our bodies to tolerate. Right now, I am writing this blog on my laptop to be later put on the ANTC Blog. Suddenly  I notice I’m slouching, my shoulders are pushed forward. I hadn’t noticed as my attention was on the screen.

The big blip in our systems is that when we enter the computer screen, game console, mobile phone, it takes us into the virtual world, sucks us in and we DISCONNECT from our bodies.  A harmless search on google that gets so interesting that we end up being on there for a couple of hours. When we step out we suddenly become aware of tense neck, shoulders. The way to combat this is to have regular ‘stops’ when we are on the computer etc. Stop STRETCH, MOVE, be like the lovely cats that stretch their bodies and feel how great and grateful our bodies are.


OK, a show of hands. How many of you right now have tension/ discomfort in your neck and shoulders?

It is the ‘modern’ epidemic and has almost become common place and accepted as how the body just IS. Well it’s not!


Also, Massage. It is when you step into the consulting room and have your first massage that you realise how much tension your muscles are carrying.  So, you may walk in with a statement of being a ‘bit stiff in the neck’ or ‘sore shoulders’. It’s not until your muscles are worked with that you understand how far your tension has actually spread and you feel ‘sore’ spots in areas you never knew were affected.  It is the beautiful domino effect in action. Everything is connected. The body compensates for a tense tight muscle and that compensation puts too much work on another muscle and hey presto you have a stiffer back than you had before, tension headaches etc etc,

A massage treatment will start the reversing processing, allowing your muscles to register and remember they are a valued part of your system and as they release it is you, the client that keeps the release happening by learning to work WITH your body. The amount of treatments required depends on how long standing your tension is, your work, lifestyle.

So enter into the partnership of Massage therapy and FEEL the benefits for yourself. Contact Sally Saint on 01873 858391 to discuss a treatment or contact us here.