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What is Reiki

Reiki is a beautifully gentle yet powerful form of energy healing that works to clear blockages and rebalance the recipients energy centres. 


The ‘universal life force’ is the term used in Japanese culture for Reiki, it is the energy that flows through all living things. I have been attuned to channel this healing energy through my hands. I work by placing my hands just above the body over all of the major chakra’s, letting the energy flow to where it needs to go. Reiki is an intelligent energy and ‘knows’ where healing is needed. Because of this Reiki can bring about positive changes on physical, emotional and spiritual levels that you may not even be consciously aware needs healing. Trust in the power of Reiki energy to heal where healing is needed and positive changes will often come sooner than you imagine. 


Reiki therapy is excellent for anyone who is going through challenging or difficult periods in their lives, as it helps calm and relax the recipient, making the situation easier to deal with. It is also helpful for anyone who is at a crossroads in their lives or is going through stressful changes, as it helps support the recipient and helps them to think clearly and feel more positive.


Our experience Reiki master, Nikki Barney,  offers Reiki on a Wednesday morning, between 9am and 1pm. Contact us for more information or to make an appointment with Nikki.