Shamanic Courses

Courses from Jan 2018

Shamanic Autumn Leaves



Awakening the Awenydd:

Saturday  7 April 2018:   £85

Introductory Day

The mysteries of Welsh Shamanic practices have not been lost, they are alive and vibrant. In this workshop we will explore the practices, opening a gateway using the Shamanic Journey individually and as a community. We will work with the stories from the Mabinogion, the Welsh ‘creation’ story.

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Year course starts September 2018.

Shamanic dreaming: 6/7 October 2018:  £160

The times we live in are demanding we let go of our old stories, fears and dreams which no longer serve us. For us to wake to new dream potentials we must dismember old structures to form new enlightened ways of living. Remembering who we truly are.

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Introduction to Shamanism 

  • 17/18 March 2018: Abergavenny and woodland: Two day course £160
  • 2/3 June 2018: Abergavenny and woodland: Two day course £160

The aim in this workshop is to offer an introduction to the Shamanic Journey; exploring with safety and support. We will work with the drum, our voices, modern technology and various movement techniques to experience leaving this ordinary reality, journeying to non-ordinary reality and then returning to ordinary reality. On our first day we will learn how to journey for ourselves. Our second day will will be about journeying for community and our land.

We will be based at Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre and weather permitting in local woodland. The course is £160. Info on local accommodation can be provided.

For more info and to book on click here. Alternately contact us or give us a ring on 01873 858391.