Sports Massage


Sports massage is a treatment designed for soft tissues injuries. It is a popular method of applying different types of pressure to the body. Though generally applied using the hands, elbows, forearms, knees, and even feet, can also be used to apply pressure to the body. The overall intention of massage is to provide relaxation and enhance well-being.

Designed specifically to address musculoskeletal injuries and pain some treatments may also involve manipulation and mobilisation of joints. Aside from treatment, this type of massage can help to prevent injury, enhance muscle performance, and assist in boosting general athletic performance.

A wide range of athletes can benefit from sports massage. This type of massage can help an athlete correct movement that can potentially cause injury or limit full function. Those recovering from an injury can also try this type of massage to improve their chances of restoring performance and can be an important aspect of physical rehabilitation program. Recipients may find that recovery is improved when rehabilitation includes sports massage.

Non-athletes can also benefit from sports massage. In some cases, chronic pain can be alleviated by massage. The same principle applies to those suffering with restricted range of motion.

In many cases, people who receive sports massage experience pain relief and enhanced mobility following several sessions. Applying this sports massage soon after physical activity, sports event or game can help reduce sore and stiff muscles.


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