Toxic and Tired – Autumn Detox offer

As we enjoy the early Autumn weeks and all the lovely fresh food that this time of year provides, it is a great time of year to focus on our health and wellbeing. The Autumn is the perfect time of year to prepare for a detox or fast. A detox or fast does not have to mean not eating at all. There are many ways to detox such as mono food fasting; eliminating certain foods for a week or two, juice fasting, water fasting, colon cleansing and many other variants in between.

10% Discount offer

In order to celebrate Autumn and renew your health goals one of our nutritionists,  Jan Davidson, is offering 10% off 90 minute nutritional therapy, naturopathy and kinesiology sessions from 3rd October to 2nd November she is also offering 10% off for friends and family you recommend.

Sessions (90 mins) are tailor made to suit your needs, but a detox session would include:

  • a review of your health
  • a review of your diet and hydration
  • kinesiology testing using my Metabolics detoxification test viles to identify which toxins are present and in which organs
  • a plan for detoxing the identified toxins (found through testing) using the correct protocol for you
  • instructions on how to use naturopathic techniques to aid toxic elimination
  • a new diet plan including information on how to cleanse, detox or fast (1 day, 3 days, week long,) or month-long plans depending on your experience and desire)

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