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Weight-Less 2 Well-Being is an integrated programme, combining Coaching, Relaxation Techniques, Positive Mind-Set Strategies and Hypnotherapy. It supports you in bringing about life affirming thought, habit and behavioural changes, enhancing your well-being both physically and emotionally. As well as being a weight loss programme (which does not involve dieting) it helps you to address the underlying issues and create transformational change; Incorporating anxiety/stress management and self-esteem and confidence building techniques.

If you would like to find out more about how the Weight Less 2 Well-Being programme can help you, I offer a free no obligation 30 minute initial consultation.

You can either contact me directly on 07790 166943

email: lou-price@outlook.com or through Abergavenny Natural Therapy Centre, Tel: 01873 858391 or contact us 


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