Weight Loss – Eclipse (Solution Focused Hypnotherapy)

A Mindset Approach

weight loss

2-session course, £60 (total)

21st February & 7th March 2019


  • Understand how and why your unwanted cravings and eating habits have become hard-wired into your brain.
  • Learn how to adjust your thought patterns, break habits and change them for something better.
  • A relaxed, interactive course; fun and informative!
  • Take home helpful notes and self-awareness tasks and put changes and strategies into practice immediately.
  • Enjoy calming, motivational hypnosis and a sound track to keep.
  • No weigh-ins, no prescribed diet. This is not about calories or will-power!


Tel: 01873 858391 e-mail: aberhealing@gmail.com
Nicola Taylor BA (Hons) HPD DFSH AfSFH (reg) MNCH CNHC (Acc)